• Applying needles for back pain | 14
    Michael applies needles to relieve back pain
  • hip arthritis test | 14
    Michael checks for hip arthritis
  • understanding headache | 14
    Kate explained why I have headaches
  • observing baby | 14
    Michael assessing a baby's development
  • frozen shoulder test | 14
    Kate assesses a "frozen shoulder"
  • exercise teaching | 14
    Michael coached me through my exercises
  • shoulder pain | 14
    Michael explained my shoulder pain
  • understanding whiplash | 14
    Michael checked my neck for whiplash
  • pillow advice | 14
    Now I know how my pillow should support my neck at night
  • spine and pelvis | 14
    A problem with the sacroiliac joint and lumbar spine
  • understanding low back pain | 14
    Now I understand my low back pain and sciatica
  • tennis elbow test | 14
    Michael examines the arm for tennis elbow pain
  • car seat advice | 14
    Michael helped me improve my car seat position
  • carpal tunnel test | 14
    Kate is testing for carpal tunnel syndrome

What do our Chiropractors treat?

low back exam

Back, hip, leg and sciatic pain

Our experienced chiropractors treat a wide variety of problems. Low back pain is the commonest and may be accompanied by hip pain, aching in the buttock or sciatica that can reach as far as the knee, ankle, feet or toes

At its worst back pain can be acompanied by muscle spasms that can stop you sitting, standing,  or even sleeping. There may be pins and needles, numbness, tingling or weakness that can make every waking hour a misery.

Click Understanding back, hip, knee, leg pain & sciatica to learn more


examining neck Neck, head, shoulder, elbow, wrist pain

We commonly treat neck pain and the symptoms arising from it, ranging from torticollis or "wry neck", when agonsing muscle spasms prevent all neck movement, though deep burning shoulder or arm pain, to headaches and migraineRSI, Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can often arise from or be made worse by an underlying neck condition. We regularly receive referrals from Insurance Companies for the treatment of whiplash injuries after a car accident.

Click Understanding neck, shoulder, arm pain & headaches to learn more

Enhancing Sports Performance

exerciseInternational sportsmen and sportswomen often have a chiropractor dedicated to their performance in competition. This is because they recognise that to reach and maintain peak performance they need every joint and every muscle to be working at full capacity. A fraction of a percent in  performance can mean the difference between winning a Gold medal or missing the podium in fourth place. Our chiropractors are trained to manage sports injuries and to rehabilitate after injury.

Click Understanding sports injuries and sprains to learn more

Age is no barrier to treatment

As we get older osteoarthritis naturally follows us in just the same way as wrinkles, greying hair, or stiffening joints. "Arthritis" should not mean pain. Provided joints remain mobile, muscles remain toned and ligamernts don't over-reach the wear and tear associated with aging should be slow, gentle and painless. X-rays of healthy elderly persons can often show quite advanced "arthritis" and yet there has been no pain. The pain associated with artritis often occurs because a joint with wear and tear becomes overloaded. Stiffening joints immediately above and below the painful joint have imposed their lost movement upon it, causing pain and inflammation. Chiropractic maintenance treatment relies on restoring normal movement to stiffening joints, easing or banishing the pain of osteoarthritis.

Click Understanding Arthritis to learn more

Babies, toddlers and children can also benefit from Chiropractic care. Rough and tumble in the playground, tripping and falling, and sometimes even a traumatic birth can lead to malfunctioning joints. These may not necessarily cause pain at the time, but "faulty joint mechanics" can lead to problems later on.

The teenage years are times of rapid growth. At school more time is spent carrying books from classroom to classroom, modern living can mean hours on mobile phones, tablets and computer games and the more energetic can be found on the sports field or gym. All these can place postural stresses on young bodies as they grow, whether shoulder pain from  bags slung over shoulders, neck, back or head pain from being hunched over modern technology or injuries from sporting strains and sprains. Now is the time to ensure that children of all ages develop healthily into full adulthood. Once they are fully grown it is harder to put them right.

What do our other practitioners treat?

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