• understanding low back pain | 9
    Now I understand my low back pain and sciatica
  • exercise teaching | 9
    Michael coached me through my exercises
  • chiropractic questions | 9
    Jenny answered my questions about chiropractic
  • pillow advice | 9
    Now I know how my pillow should support my neck at night
  • car seat advice | 9
    Michael helped me improve my car seat position
  • understanding headache | 9
    Kate explained why I have headaches
  • toddler check-up | 9
    Kate takes me through my paces
  • shoulder pain | 9
    Michael explained my shoulder pain
  • understanding whiplash | 9
    Michael checked my neck for whiplash

Chiropractic pain relief for all ages

We are delighted you have found us and we look forward to setting you on the road to recovery.

As you navigate through our pages you will learn about what we treat, how we treat and who we are.

Healthcare 2000 Clinics provides highest quality, evidence-based care centred on the personal needs of every individual patient, whether they are seeking help for pain in the back, hips, neck and shoulders, for pain in the head, arms or legs or for managing the joint or muscle pains that come with arthritis.

We treat young and old, from newly born babies to older, retired patients in their nineties.

Patients range from active sportsmen and sportswomen seeking to enhance their performance to those whose aches and pains come from overweight or lack of exercise. Click Chiropractic for an introduction to this regulated healthcare profession and  What do we treat? to explore further.

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Because we do our best to see you as soon as possible, patients who are self-employed and need immediate care can simply pick up the phone or email us to book an appointment at one of our clinics in Semington, Trowbridge or Chippenham.

Our clinics have gained a reputation over many years for our individual, caring approach to your needs. You are not a "number". We take time to listen to you, to skilfully examine you and to carefully select the most appropriate treatment for your needs. We take care to explain what is going on and to involve you in the management of your tailor-made care programme.


Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy, Massage, Chiropody and Acupuncture

In addition to Chiropractic, we offer Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy , MassageChiropody and Acupuncture. Please click on the links to learn more about our practitioners, their specialist therapies and the clinics where they practice.

Chiropractic statistics for our clinics

  • 82% of New Patients are offered an appointment within 24 hours
  • 91% of existing patients are offered an appointment within 24 hours
  • 64% of patients seek help with low back pain, often with sciatica or hip pain
  • 29% of patients seek help for neck pain or whiplash, often with shoulder pain or headaches
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